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We're making many event resources available for you and your church for FREE during the Heroes of Faith event to enhance your experience! Check out our series companion workbook, resources for kids, and decision cards below!

Pastor Doug's "Heroes of Faith" Companion Study Book

Heroes of Faith: Inspirational Stories of Salvation is a companion book to Pastor Doug’s Heroes of Faith presentations, featuring new and fresh perspectives on the lives and stories of the Bible’s most-beloved characters. Get it now for the series!

Heroes of Faith by Doug Batchelor


Kids Activity and Coloring Pages

Children's Resources

For each night's presentation, we're featuring activity and coloring pages for children. Download and print as many as you need! (All materials copyright (c) Amazing Facts 2015; resale is forbidden.)

Ages 3 - 5
Coloring Page One
Coloring Page Two
Coloring Page Three
Coloring Page Four
Coloring Page Five
Coloring Page Six
Coloring Page Seven
Coloring Page Eight
Coloring Page Nine
Coloring Page Ten
Ages 6 - 12
Activity One Coloring Page One
Activity Two Coloring Page Two
Activity Three Coloring Page Three
Activity Four Coloring Page Four
Activity Five Coloring Page Five
Activity Six Coloring Page Six
Activity Seven Coloring Page Seven
Activity Eight Coloring Page Eight
Activity Nine Coloring Page Nine
Activity Ten Coloring Page Ten
Answer Key  


Decision Cards

Decision cards are designed for nights 3 ("At Jesus' Feet"), 5 ("Washed in the Jordan"), and 9 ("The Unsinkable Ship") of the live series. They are available for free download.

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