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About the Event

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Heroes of Faith
Stories of Salvation for the Whole Family
Live from Lansing, Michigan
Watch on 3ABN, AFTV, or Online
October 2 – 10 @ 7:00 PM

The Bible is full of heroes of the faith. You can be one too!

Someone once said, “Pick your heroes carefully; you will become like them.”

Sadly, most people today admire the wrong kind of heroes. Powerful athletes, talented actors, or pop singers whose personal lives are often exposed for violence, drugs, and immorality become role-models for both the young and the old.

This is not new. The world typically chooses the wrong heroes. Remember, the people chose Barabbas instead of Jesus.

So if you’re ready to meet a group of positive role models for once, Amazing Facts and Pastor Doug Batchelor invite you to participate in an inspiring new series for people of all ages, called Heroes of Faith: Stories of Salvation for the Whole Family. This new revival series will highlight some real heroes of His-Story, the Bible, in a time when good heroes are so hard to find. Plan now to attend with friends and family as we learn from the past how we can be heroes of faith today—and uncover Bible truths vital for today.

Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts and speaker, says,

"In this new 10-part series designed for the whole family, I’m highlighting the real heroes of faith—like Joshua, Mary Magdalene, Elijah, Rahab, and many more—who point us to the ultimate Hero, Jesus Christ. Don’t miss it, and please be sure to invite your friends and family!"

Join Amazing Facts Pastor Doug Batchelor for this soul-igniting, energizing Bible series for all ages and backgrounds that will inspire you to be everything God wants you to be.

“Thank you for bringing the Word of God back to me. I was just standing on the ‘down escalator’ and woke up so very far from the truth, even questioning my faith. And then God reached out to me through Amazing Facts. Thank you so much; you saved my life!” Claudine

Special Live Music Program
We will be live streaming a wonderful music program before each meeting, beginning at 6:35pm ET and 10:35am ET on October 10. Featuring a variety of talented musicians, your heart will be prepared for life-changing Bible teaching. Be sure to tune in at theheroesoffaith.com!


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